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We at CMS can optimise the performance, economy and drive-ability of most engines with a custom Remap.


Performance gains
BHP & Torque Increase
Increased fuel economy
Safe and Reliable
Rolling Road Test
IMI registered

A clear understanding of engine remapping and how it all works can be the key to ensuring you’re getting exactly what you want from our services.

CMSGarages cover the Reading and Berkshire areas as engine remapping specialists. Partnered with the UK’s leading brand, we work with some of the greatest ECU software specialists so we can get the very best out of your vehicle.

Our remapping facilities and our Dynostar Rolling Road go together hand-in-hand to unlock your vehicle’s hidden power. Whether it is a simple power run to show your BHP & Torque, or pre and post re-map figures to show off your improvements with printed and/or emailed graphs to confirm the gains are always available.

  • Up to 90% More Power
  • Up to 70% More Torque
  • Up to 15% Fuel Saving
  • Improved Drive-ability
  • More Responsive
  • Quieter and Smoother
  • Remove Speed Limiters
  • AdBlue, DPF & EGR Solutions
  • Lambda Deletes
  • All Variations
Speak to us
0118 967 7777

Adblue, DPF & EGR Deletes
DPF Cleaning
Cylinder Head pressure testing & Skimming
IMI Qualified

All our work and parts are fully guaranteed and are to or better than manufacturers recommended standard. All our solutions, (AdBlue, DPF, EGR & Remapping) are fully guaranteed for 1 year. We can repair almost any vehicle AdBlue, DPF & EGR issues. Additionally we are able to offer our customers, free of charge, the loan of one of our courtesy vehicles.

Call us
0118 967 7777
We can diagnose all faults
0118 967 7777
Engine Management Light (MIL)
DPF Warning LightECUs
Limp Mode (Restricted Performance)
Boost Leaks
Error codes
Sluggish performance
Limp Mode (Restricted Performance)
and lots more…

We have many top of the range diagnostics tools that can help us identify the faults and issues that others simply can’t. Our diagnostics service can save many hours and be very cost efficient. We have a variety of sophisticated tools to assist us and can test live data and rolling data using our rolling road to provide real drive diagnostics and tuning.

Remap Examples

Below are some real life gains from our customers

Transporter 2.0 tdi

Pre-map BHP 84
Post-map BHP 175
BHP Increase 108% (91 BHP)
Pre-map torque 220Nm
Post-map torque 360Nm

A Class 2.1cdi

Pre-map BHP 136
Post-map BHP 214
BHP Increase 57% (78 BHP)
Pre-map torque 300Nm
Post-map torque 420Nm

Audi RS6

Pre-map BHP 580
Post-map BHP 680
BHP Increase 17% (100 BHP)
Pre-map torque 650Nm
Post-map torque 800Nm

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