Advanced Tuning Boxes

  • Up to 70% More Power
  • Up to 50% More Torque
  • Up to 15% Fuel Saving
  • Improved Drivability
  • More Responsive
  • Quieter and Smoother

The CMS Pro box utilises data from the car’s ECU to find the engines potential areas for improvements. It comes with 5 user selectable controls, ranging from pure economy to all out performance;

Some benefits of our Tuning Boxes are:

  • Greatly reduces ‘turbo lag’
  • Allows the car to run smoother
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases torque, power and acceleration
  • Does not over stress the engine
  • Can be removed easily and quickly without trace, reverting the car back to standard
  • Ideal for company car drivers

Our Advanced Tuning Box features two channels for both rail pressure and turbocharger boost pressure control simultaneously.

This is a plug and play unit, installation on the majority of cars is a breeze and can be completed in minutes.

The unit is set for a balance of additional torque, power and economy, with user adjustments should you need them.

  • Microprocessor based digital tuning module. We do not sell analogue resistor based devices.
  • Engine Specific Software. Our tuning boxes come with software designed and set up specifically for your engine; we do not provide generic ‘one device fits all’ boxes as many other companies do.
  • Unique Boost & Rev monoriting features for maximum torque, clean emissions and DPF compatibility.
  • Boost Control for excellent torque & power and low EGTs
  • Comes complete with Instructions, Harness and Tuning Box
  • 5 User Selectable Power Curves to suit your requirements, ranging from economy mode to all out performance.
  • Fine Tune Adjustment to provide the exact performance that you need or to optimize fuel economy.
  • Reprogrammable for future vehicles, just send it in to us for reprogramming should you change your vehicle to another diesel.

Boost & RPM Detection

Using our unique Boost Sense  feature combined with Rev Sense RPM detection, fueling accuracy is vastly improved over tuning boxes from other manufacturers. This accuracy improvement allows our units to make the maximum torque possible whilst remaining 100% DPF (particulate filter) friendly.

No Smoke

Conventional tuning boxes cannot accurately transition between off-boost and on-boost fueling. This causes black smoke (particulates) to be created when the turbocharger is not producing boost.

Most tuning boxes either allow this to happen, clogging your DPF or reduce the level of fuelling which in turn means that the engine will not make the optimum level of torque.

DPF Compatible

The Advanced Tuning Box will provide your engine with the maximum level of torque whilst retaining clean emissions and therefore excellent DPF compatibility.

Excellent Engine Reliability

The Advanced Tuning Box will alter the amount of turbocharger pressure available to the engine to keep AFR’s (air to fuel ratios) relatively consistent. This allows clean combustion; excellent torque and low exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs).

Maintaining low EGTs is useful when running a high level of tune particularly for vehicles that are under heavy loads such as those used for towing. This prevents components from overheating and causing reliability issues.

Get more with a CMS Advanced Tuning Box

You may find other Tuning Boxes for slightly less money or quoting higher output figures than us. The reality is quality Companies and Products have similar outputs and pricing to each other so beware of excessive gains, as they may cause issues andcould be pushing the vehicle beyond safe limits.

Save Fuel with a Advanced Tuning Box

With an Advanced Tuning Box you can experience substantial fuel savings, most turbo-diesel vehicles can see a 10-15% fuel saving. As it has 5 adjustable settings choosing between economy and performance, your free to make changes to the drive you want.

Come and See us and we’ll fit it for FREE

These are designed to be user fitted and simple clear instructions make this so. However, should you want us to fit the box for you, just pop down and we’ll do the rest.


We are very confident that your Tuning Box will improve your driving experience and save fuel. But, don’t take our word for it; try it for 30 days and if you are not delighted with the results, simply return to your vehicle to us and we will return the Map back to its original state and give you a refund.

CMS Rolling Road/Dyno

Should you want your vehicle tested, we have our own Rolling Road/Dyno and also offer packages to include pre/post power/economy runs.

If your vehicle is not on our look up, not all are, please call us to find out what we can do.

Enter your Reg on our website to see what we can do for your vehicle, or contact us directly

We can also provide a payment terms, please contact us to find out more.

Book in your car now to get your Advanced Tuning Box fitted for FREE by calling our workshop in Reading on 0118 967 7777. We cover the whole of the Berkshire area.