Cylinder Head Skimming and Testing

Head Skimming

As the only garage in Reading to offer this service we are proud to provide these services for many retail and trade customers alike. When the cylinder head gasket needs replacing it is often prudent to ensure the cylinder head is flat and not warped, this can really only be achieved by getting the head skimmed. this service is normally done within a24hr turn around.

Pressure Testing

We are able to test the cylinder head for any internal ingress (leak) of water or air. Using our Delta Pressure Testing rig we are able to supply 90c of pressured water to open up and identify any cracks that would otherwise go un-noticed, until fitted!

Vacuum Testing

Using similar testing to the pressure test, this works on the ports, both inlet and exhaust, and primarily will identify leaky valves, though sometimes it can find more sinister issues should as cracked ports.

We can carry out remedial work, in house, to most cylinder heads as necessary.

Book your Cylinder Head in now for Skimming and/or Testing by calling our workshop in Reading on 0118 967 7777. We cover the whole of the Berkshire area.