25 years of experience

Car & Motorsport Services operate from our garages in Reading that welcomes customers from all parts of the surrounding Berkshire area. Much of our work comes from repeat customers and the recommendations they make to family, friends and associates. We would very much welcome your custom too.

Here, we explain why so many motorists in Reading and Berkshire come back to use us for remapping, car servicing and vehicle repair services on a regular basis.

  • Our garage has built a great reputation over the last 3 years’, we bring together more than 25 years of combined motor industry experience for the benefit of a rapidly growing customer base that trusts our services implicitly.
  • We have our own engineering workshop and provide a full range of services including cylinder head skimming & testing. Very few companies in Reading and Berkshire have such excellent facilities.
  • Our garage is fitted with a Dynostar rolling road, which can be used to test the power and torque of all 2-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Car and Motorsport Services provide a range of MOT services including pre-inspections and MOT repairs. MOT testing is provided by a local station in the area that we choose for its reliability and trustworthy nature.
  • We are ECU remapping specialists for the Reading and Berkshire areas
  • We use the highest quality OE parts with competitive pricing.

Best response time

Whether it’s answering the phone,  a call out to a Breakdown or getting the vehicle back on the road.

Best on the wallet

We always offer good honest advice that returns best value for money

Best Servicing and Maintenance

We all know, prevention is better than a cure. Our regular servicing, done correctly, will minimize inconvenience and future costs.

Best to diagnose and resolve most issues. 

Specialists in EGR, DPF and Decat solutions, as well as many modifications

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Increase in Hp0%

Increase in Torque0%

DPF Cleaning (Cleaned flow rate)0%

25 years of experience

All Makes and Models Covered by Car & Motorsport Services

Whether you own a standard car, a race model or something a little more specialised, our garage is here to accommodate any needs you may have. Car & Motorsport Services undertake car servicing on all makes and models, giving our Reading and Berkshire customers a single place to go for all of their scheduled and interim maintenance work along with something a little bit different.